Touch the Past,
Taste the Plenty

Mesa Verde Country, and the Four Corners region, has strong agricultural traditions. The Ancestral Puebloans farmed these valleys and mesas, including current-day Mesa Verde National Park, until approximately 1300 AD. Growing primarily corn, beans, and squash, they laid the agricultural foundation for today’s farmers, ranchers, and vintners who carry on this long tradition.

Several restaurants specialize in local, sustainable cuisinesourcing their products from producers in the Four Corners region. Special events throughout the year provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the bounty of the area with festivals that feature beer, wine, local food, and native cultural events.

Our year-round farmers markets are an excellent way to savor the local flavors. With three markets per week during the peak season and several winter market and deli options, fresh, local food is always available in Mesa Verde Country. Depending on the season, you can pick your own apples, peaches and pears. You can also stop in at some of our local ranches to purchase grass-fed beef or fresh lamb.

In addition to local wines, brews and spirits, there are unique, locally grown products that you’ll want to take home such as Dryland pinto and Anasazi beans, corn meal and blue corn meal, as well as high altitude red winter wheat milled into flour.

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