There’s More to explore in Mesa Verde Country

For over 14 centuries, Ancestral Puebloans thrived in this place we now call Mesa Verde Country. Perhaps the reasons they stayed can still be tasted at local restaurants and vineyards. The power of this magnificent landscape has inspired a new generation of artists and poets. The call of the wild is answered with bikes, kayaks and fishing lines. The ancient story unfolds at our cultural centers and Native American dances. In the communities of Cortez, Dolores and Mancos you’ll discover thousands of years of history and endless outdoor adventures.

Mesa Verde National Park is just the beginning. Other world treasures are nearby. Ute Mountain Tribal Park is a unique way to experience a Native American interpretation of their ancestral homeland. At Canyons of the Ancients National Monument you can hike or mountain bike to ancient sites. Or, you can venture to town for art galleries, museums, farm-to-table cuisine, local brews, and shopping.

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