Install The Script

Colorado Tourism Industry Partners and other interested businesses can participate in the Marketing Travel Network (“the MTN”) by following these instructions. Place the script below just before the </head> on your website. This adds your website to the network. It allows the Colorado Tourism Office to connect your website traffic to their advertising. The script is very small and will not disrupt your website experience. When the installation is done send an email to and we will confirm it’s correct.
<script src=”//” async defer>
You’ll need a Privacy Policy on your website. If you need an example, consider this one: As a participant in the MTN, you agree that CTO may use your data to inform and refine its statewide marketing strategy and measure the ability of the Come To Life marketing initiative to drive web-based traffic to industry partners. CTO agrees to confine direct communication with MTN visitors only to those who visit and will make no outreach — either through targeting or retargeting — to visitors on MTN sites other than CTO also agrees that all other participants in the MTN will have access only to upstream and downstream data and metrics relating to their site and will not have access to MTN visitors other than those who visit their site.
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