2016 Insights

We pored over the data collected in 2016 and here are some important insights. These results are intended to help Partners better understand travel behavior.

5.3 Million Profiles Were Added In 2016.

That’s uniques. So, if a person visits www.colorado.com and then visits www.visitcos.com, that’s 1 Profile in the MTN. Since last year it’s grown significantly.

1 in 5 People Go Thru CTO.

We looked at how many people went to www.colorado.com before they went to a business’s website. And the average for Partners was 19%, which is roughly 1 out of 5 people.

30% Of People Go Thru A DMO Website. At Least.

There are many DMO websites in the MTN. But not all. The MTN shows that 30% of people who went to a lodging, attraction, restaurant, brewery or event website visited one of the MTN’s DMO Partner websites first. In some instances the MTN does have all of a businesses DMOs in the network. Looking at those separately, the number of people going thru a DMO first gets closer to 40%. And it ranges widely from 15% to 61% of the business’ traffic went thru a DMO website first.

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