The MTN can get a bit technical. So, we’ve created this section to help you Learn and get Help.


  • The MTN Guide – the official guide that explains The MTN (12 pages). Great for sharing with others
  • An Introduction To The MTN – A self-paced presentation the goes over how the MTN works and why it was created. Great for walking others through the MTN

Instructions & How-To’s


Hitdate – The date and time a page was viewed by a person. Lon/Lat – The longitude and latitude of the Profile’s location when they viewed the web page. Partner – An organization that has joined the MTN. The script is live on their website(s). They could be a DMO, Lodging, Attraction, Event or related business. Profile (UID) – A person who views web pages in the network. The UID is the unique identifier for that profile.      
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