Farming Vacations

Mesa Verde Country has been home to agriculture for thousands of years, beginning with the Ancestral Puebloans that settled here and lived in the cliff dwellings. That farming tradition continues to this day, and you can experience the fruits of this ancient connection with the lands around CortezMancos and Dolores first hand, in so many ways.

Many of the restaurants, breweries, cafes and wineries in the area get their fresh produce, meats, cheeses and more from farms right next door – meaning the foods and drinks are made with supplies that come straight from Mesa Verde Country, and are just about as fresh when they get to your table as they were when they were first harvested. Imagine taking a vacation on one of these farms, and learning how the locals work the soil and harvest to foods that they then sell in local Farmers Markets, or send to restaurants and stores in the Four Corners region. There are many opportunities open to offer you a real taste ot the farming experience – see how you can book your next vacation on a real farm.

You can also get a taste of real Mesa Verde Country farming by visiting some of the Farmers Markets in the area, held three times a week in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Of course, you’ll find fresh produce, dairy, meats and more, but you’ll also find a large selection of local art, creative clothing and more local fare, as well as local wines, beers and spirits made right here in Cortez, Mancos or Dolores.

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