Advertising in The MTN Targets High-Value Traveler

Targeting Travelers

The MTN is a massive database of people who have clicked on, opted-in, ordered a guide or consumed Colorado content. As a Marketing Platform, Partners can target these high-value Travelers actively engaged in CTO’s highly successful ad campaign. It’s a unique opportunity to acquire Travelers actively engaging with Colorado on many levels. Every Traveler’s journey is unique. Segment the millions of profiles already in the MTN into the target audience you want to capture. Continue to tell your story throughout their journey with dynamic content on your website or in email. We know they’re interested in Colorado. But, it’s a big State with lots to do. Now it’s time to ladder up and help them see why your brand is the best way to come to life.

Traveler Segments

Refine your target audience using the rich data in Traveler Profiles. Travelers can be segmented on many data points. A couple of the


The MTN captures a Traveler’s location. You can see from the map below that travelers from all over the United States (and world) are in The MTN.

traveler-data-usaTraveler geographic origin

You can also see how that location changes over time. The map below has many straight lines indicating how travelers start in one location and travel to another. So many goals are oriented towards getting travelers to travel. The MTN can show you.

traveler-data-lifetimeTraveler geographic location over their lifetime


There are many criteria that signal a Traveler’s intent to travel. A common one in the industry is requesting a Visitor Guide. Where the MTN is unique is the ability to segment Travelers based on the behavior on a partner’s website. Using these signals of intent can help a business target their advertising to only the most valuable (interested, committed) travelers.

Ready To Target?

We’ve only shown a few options here. If you’re ready to see how other Partners are targeting high-value travelers, let us know and we’ll set up time to walk you through the MTN.

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