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Dolores, Colorado

Dolores Colorado is proud to be small town U.S.A.

"Rio de Nuestra Señora de las Dolores", or The River of Our Lady of Sorrows, was named by Dominquez and Escalante, Spanish Catholic priests who came through the area seeking routes from the missions of Santa Fe, NM to California in 1776.

In 1891 the railhead was established at the present site of Dolores. Residents of Big Bend, a settlement a few miles north, realized a golden opportunity and moved lock, stock and barrel to the railroad site, renamed it Dolores after the river, and officially incorporated the town on July 7, 1900. Dolores became a major stop on the rail line between Ridgway/Telluride and Durango. A hybrid vehicle half bus, half rail car, nicknamed the Galloping Goose, ran the mail and passenger runs.

Dolores is your headquarters for local history and outdoor fun, with fascinating shops and boutiques, excellent restaurants including a local brewery, and lodging to fit every budget.

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