Farming is in
our Roots

Mesa Verde Country also has a strong agricultural tradition. The Ancestral Puebloans were the first agriculturalists in the area. They farmed the valleys and the mesas of Montezuma County, including Mesa Verde National Park, until around 1300 A.D.

In Mesa Verde Country, agriculture is part of our culture. A visit here is not complete without experiencing the bounty of the area. Farmers markets are an excellent way to savor local flavors and purchase grass-fed beef or fresh lamb. Depending on the season, opportunities abound to pick apples, peaches or pears, or wander a pumpkin patch and select the perfect one.

Visit a winery and sample some incredible wines. If you prefer beer, Mesa Verde Country is also home to several microbreweries. There is also a distillery in Mancos. Several restaurants specialize in serving local, sustainable cuisine. Special events throughout the year provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the bounty of the region.

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