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There is so much to celebrate in Mesa Verde Country. Many of our festivals reflect our cultural ties with the archaeology and Native Culture of the area and link the past to the present. Others take to the skies, whether looking for birds or ascending in balloons.

Some festivals appeal to our taste buds, be it gourmet or beer fests, while others appeal to our artistic tastes through music, art, and drama. Our spectacular parks fill on weekends with antique cars, arts and crafts vendors, or fireworks celebrations. Cowboys and the western lifestyle are also a big part of our celebrations, and rodeos and the county fair provide that Old West Experience.

The National Park Service, celebrating its 100th year in 2016, is essential to America’s heritage.

Mesa Verde National Park—the only national park dedicated to preserving the works of man—is a part of this nationwide commemoration. With its archaeological riches, diverse wildlife and some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, Mesa Verde beckons you to visit soon.

Make memories, recreate, and enjoy the solace of nature with us in this special century-mark year.

★ Notes centennial events



December 2016

★Luminaria Night at Anasazi Heritage Center
Thursday, December 8th
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Holiday Hayrides
Saturday, December 17th
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